The TCR (Table de concertation régionale) is a consultative organization whose members are committed to collectively defining principles, orientations and actions for the sustainable use of water resources and for the protection of ecosystems and resources in the Magdalen Islands, for the benefit of the population of its territory, in connection with the entire St. Lawrence ecosystem.

The territory of the TCR is unique and precious: in the heart of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the archipelago’s environment is exceptional in Quebec as much as it is fragile, with its thin dune belts, unique lagoons and aquifers, peat bogs, « furrows », its particular geology, fresh and sea water ecosystems that host a rich and singular biodiversity. Because of this unique position, the Magdalen Islands are also at the forefront of the challenges posed by climate change worldwide. Erosion, submersion, threats to ecosystems and species… it’s the resilience and sustainability of the community that is now in the balance.

Many organizations, committees and citizens are already working hard to preserve this unique ecological legacy and to meet the challenges facing Magdalen Islanders: for access to its natural environments, for drinking water management, for the community’s quality of life, for the protection of biodiversity, for the exploitation of its resources, for its economy and its agriculture… Uniting the representatives of ‘all those who have their feet in the water’, the TCR is dedicated to supporting their efforts, amplifying their means, developing and sharing their expertise, by putting forward a common vision, a strategy of concerted actions for the next 5 years.

COVID-19 is a challenge for the TCR and the islander community as it is for Quebec and the entire planet. We had to postpone our 4th Annual Regional Forum to be held on March 31, 2020. We are looking forward to holding public events again. Until then the work continues, at a distance, for the Comité ZIP and TCR teams. Please do not hesitate to contact us by email at